2.5 Good

Chandni Chowk To China

Honest Review :)

Ok, lets get this straight... If you want to watch this movie, you have to leave your brains at home and just go and have some entertainment... I say "some" because the movie is not entertaining the whole way, especially the first half. To be fair to the director though, this kind of film has never been tried before in Bollywood and it is very brave attempt!

Talking about the film istelf, well, some of the scenes are so stupid that the viewer actually laughs... and says "what the hell?.. This is bullshit!" (like Akshay flying very high when he gets kicked by Mithun, Umbrella being the parachute, and Akshay shown to be really powerful that he can turn boats upside down and make sea turn into tsunami). However, some may argue that these scenes were purposely done to suit the film since it is meant to be entertaining. But a moviegoer who believes in real cinema will think otherwise!... Also, some of the fight scenes, for example the last scene does not look real and the viewer is aware who would win a fight in real life, between Akshay Kumar and Gordan Liu (the villain)! So for those who are comparing this film with a Jackie Chan one, please don't! It can never match any of his films and Akshay can never match him either.

As far as the storyline goes, it looks promising right from when the film begins but several times the film goes in some other direction and did not stick to the plot. Nothing really happened in the first half and this is a reason why CC2C may not do as well as expected in the box office. All some phases in the film should have been trimmed and the director should have moved on with his story. For example, the part when Akshay gets taught martial arts was a very long scene that should have been cut short. The viewer is actually thinking, "Ok come on!.. He's learnt enough now. Next part of the story please!"...

Now to the acting.. Well seriously speaking, this is not one of Akshay Kumar's greatest films or acting and he was much much better in Singh Is King even. But Akshay Kumar fans may think otherwise. When someone close to him dies in the film (not saying who, for those who haven't seen the film), he did not show enough expressions that would touch the audience heart and make them feel his pain... However, needless to say, when it comes to comedy, he is the master and does manages to at least put a smile on the viewer!

Now to Deepika. She is getting better film by film but CC2C will no doubt be the least liked film in her career so far. Not really because of acting, but because of the film itself. Speaking about Deepika's acting, she is again great and is the star of the future!

Wrapping things up, CC2C will only appeal to two kinds of people. Those who are die-hard Akshay fans, and those who believe in just entertainment. The third kind of people, please stay away and look forward to Luck By Chance which will surely be your type of movie!. So all in all everything makes CC2C is good enough only for a one-time watch..

CC2C - 2.5 out of 5 (Average)