0.5 Poor

Chandni Chowk To China

CC2C is just another film with a promising start and nothing more. The biggest problem I have with the movie is its screenplay and my biggest enemies are the writers. Do they seriously think that we are stupid enough to believe that a 60-year-old Mithun kicks a Lakka naujawan Akshay in the back and makes him travel from one place in Delhi to another only to find out that he is on the knees of the macho Mithun? Other than the "supposedly" funny scenes (that are not funny at all), the songs also occur in a manner that does nothing but irritate you into leaving the cinema hall. I mean, is it appropriate for a romantic song to start between two people who have barely met two times and at a place when they are a thousand foot above earth hanging on an umbrella parachute just a moment after running from the merciless villain? How silly is that?
The only thing good in the movie is Akshay who does a great acting just to make me pity him for doing such a film? He has got a real talent of acting which is going wasted by doing such lousy films back to back after Singh Is King(which, by the way, is even lousier).
Actually, the film would have been much better if the beautiful yet useless Deepika and her grieved family was not there. Deepika's presence in the film only adds the glamour and the length of the film.
According to me, this film is a total loss of money for its presenters and its poor bearers who spend 2.30 hours of their precious time only to get tortured.