3.5 Very Good

Review : Bombay Talkies

This movie tends to celebrate the 100 years of Indian Cinema with four directors posing their versions of how cinema lives within our lives.

Karan Johar: Probably this is the most truthful work of Karan so far, But the relevance to the movie is quite missing. Just listening to bollywood numbers when one is sad and beggar girl singing with full background music seems like an unrealistic depiction of Indian Cinema into the lives of people.
Plusses : Acting and Execution
Minus: Not very relevant to the central theme
Rating : **1/2

Dibakar Bannerjee : If I rate this story this stands out as the best story of all told with finesse and perfection. Nawaz stands out in one of the finest roles he has ever got. Sadashiv Amraporkar's performance is really a treat to watch.
Plusses: Everything ! biggest plus being relavance to theme
Minus: Hard to find
Rating: ****

Zoya Akhtar: 3 Idiots and Tare Zameen pe have shown many such themes in past but this short movie reminds me of "Monsoon Wedding" to an extent...movie is well shot, Zoya goes overboard in making Katrina an angel Godsent...
Plusses: Performances of the Child actors
Minus: Predictable Story
Rating: ***

Anurag Kashyap : Best executed story of all, which tells a tale of the Bollywood Madness and charisma of Stars right from inception of Indian Cinema itself. The story execution is truthful and very interesting and like-able. Seems like Anurag made best out of his 1.5 Cr and tells a story of mass appeal.
Plusses: Performances, story and Relevance to theme
Minus: Hard to find any
Rating: **** 1/2

Watch this movie for Anurag and Dibaakar !
Overall : ***1/2