2.5 Good


BodyGuard the title suggest Its is going to be an action and serious Kind of a Movie But Sadly Its Not.Infact It is the weakest Movie of salman Khan till date.Salman and some action scenes do give audiences some relief But weak script let them down.BodyGuard could've been made without funny scenes which doesn't make any sense.First half is a total let down But post Interval Portion somewhat bring some smile for the audiences in theater.As far as acting in concerned salman has done a great job yet again with a typical mar-dhar, Kareena hams with her joker kind of a expressions through out the Movie so is Raj Babbar being her dad, Brilliant actors like Asrani and Aditya Pancholi doesn't get any scope.Overall Audience will Grab salman with Both hands for this Movie But It will be very hard for the audience to tolerate this Movie with so many calls from Kareena to salman and Fat Guy Hanging around with Message T-Shirts.Its Very hard for me to digest that salman couldn't even find the girl who keeps eyeing on him all the time even when he is at kareena's House.Sorry Lovely singh you may be lovely in the movie But the Movie is Not Lovely at all.Music of the movie is decent.BodyGuard will show even a Bad Movie could be a Blockbuster if Audiences Love the leading actor.That's the reason why its been released in festivities Like Eid and Ganesh Chaturthi.Go and watch it for salman and some action scenes only or else skip it and watch Wanted or Dabangg Instead.Disappointing.