0.5 Poor

this is for u taran adarsh u better give me back my money . i went for the movie reading your review ,my god how can u say such wonderful things about blue ,did u and i watch the same movie or did u get loads of cash for writing such a good review (my guess is the latter). i have never seen such a boring , stupid ,idiotic movie in my whole life .there is absolutely no story at all, no flow at all. even the sanjay dutt's flash back is a damp squib,i was actually waiting for something after u said it was incredible . my dear Sunjay Dutt either u shape up or sit at home , u r really old for this movie ,Zayed Khan - when will u learn acting (i thought u had by now),katrina kaif that stud in ur chin looked like a huge zit(which was very distracting),Akshay Kumar- man if u r bored with the script then dont take it , And finally Lara dutta (nothing to say ).