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Bhindi Baazaar Inc Music Review



It is surprising that a music album has actually been devised around Bhindi Baazaar Inc as one would have expected this gritty dramatic thriller to be a song-less affair. Nevertheless the fact is that the album actually boasts of close to half a dozen songs, hence making on believe that there would be place for music after all in this film. Sandeep-Surya are the composers with Naveen Tyagi as the lyricist.


First to arrive is 'Akkad Bakkad' that is straight out of 70s and reminds one of many a racy tracks that RD Burman composed in the era gone by. On the same lines as 'Piya Tu', Duniya Mein and its ilk, 'Akkad Bakkad' is a good start for the album. A situational track that also arrives in a 'remix version' and is expected to arrive in multiple places in the film, 'Akkad Bakkad' has some good rendition by Suraj Jagan who is becoming quite a regular when it comes to a song that has attitude written all over again.

The next to follow has a sad connotation to it with Kailash Kher's vocals only ending up lending a sense of depression. A slow moving track which is the least that one expects in a racy thriller like Bhindi Baazaar Inc., one just hopes that the playing time of 'Aa Ja Re Piya' is bare minimum in the narrative. The song also appears as a duet between Sandeep Goswami and Shweta Pandit but the tune is such that it doesn't allow 'Aa Ja Re Piya' to cover any distance.

Much publicized item number by Caterina Lopez (cousin of Jennifer Lopez) finally finds a place in the album as 'Taan Ke Seena'. Sung by Shibani Kashyap, it surprisingly turns out to be just average and doesn't carry the kind of spunk and energy that one expected from a song belonging to this genre. The tune also moves on rather lazily and all hopes now rest on the picturisation that may just help accentuate the overall appeal.

Guest lyricist Ghalib Asad Bhopali writes 'Maaldaar Ki Jeb' which aims at making a statement on the socio-economic state of the country. A fusion mix track that bears the kind of sound that one had heard in Dev D a couple of years back, this track (also heard later in a 'remix version') rendered by Tochi Raina and Prashant Narayanan is strictly situational and won't quite cover much distance once the film has come and gone.

Last to arrive is a Roop Kumar Rathod solo 'Kitni Baatein Hain' that carries forward the sad mood as experienced earlier in 'Aa Ja Re Piya'. In fact this one is notches ahead in terms of sad quotient and makes you look completely the other way as it is depressing to the core. One just hopes that the makers totally do away with the idea of bringing in these tracks as a part of the background score.


Bhindi Bazaar Inc. starts off on an okay note with 'Akkad Bakkad' but loses its way from that point on. There are no chances whatsoever of the album making any mark musically.


Akkad Bakkad

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