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Be-Careful Music Review



At the very onset, there aren't many expectations that one has from the music of Be-Careful. There isn't much that has one heard about the film and buzz is yet to be built around it. The film's release is a mere 10 days away and its songs haven't bombarded the music channels. With hardly any awareness been created for the film's music so far, one plays on Be-Careful which has music by Siddhartth-Suhas and lyrics by Kumaar.


It's a hip-hop beginning for Be-Careful with 'Love Technology' being the first to arrive. Leave aside the lyrics that make one wonder whether it is indeed Kumaar who has spun an entire song around 'Technology', 'Astrology' and 'Biology' amongst other words, the song by itself does make for a decent listening. With Shahid Mallya at the helm of affairs and Sasha Tirupati doing a good job as a supporting vocalist, 'Love Technology' is the kind of song that one typically associates with a Punjabi pop/hip-hop album. Expectedly there is a 'remix version' that has is presented as 'Love Technology - Partymap Mix'. Carrying good enough ammunition that could help the song find it's way on to the dance floors, it also shifts genre from hip-hop to club.

One does expect Siddhartth-Suhas to bring on a melodic love song in every album of theirs, regardless of the film's genre, and Be-Careful is no different with 'Fursat' being the next to arrive. A soft number that is about a couple looking at spending time with each other and sharing those sweet-nothings with each other in an all-around silence, 'Fursat' has a feel-good appeal to it. Hamza Faruqui, who has been doing well in almost every number that he has sung for a Bollywood flick so far, is tentative at the beginning but gets on his own during the 'antara' portions, hence ensuring that 'Fursat' turns out to be satisfactory.

From being a supporting vocalist, Sasha Tirupati gets a track entirely for herself with 'Be My Maahiya'. A song of seduction with lyrics going as 'Wanna Be Your Love Ek Raat Ke Liye', this one goes well with the genre that is being explored here. No, the tune isn't extraordinary here while the lyrics too are quite basic as well. However in the narrative of the film it can assure that audience would be glued to the screen if only the song is supported by some enticing visuals.

Last to arrive is the title track 'Be Careful' which maintains a upbeat feel right through it's four minute duration and is the kind of track that one usually associates with Pritam. However what doesn't work at the beginning of the song is the 'Govind Bolo, Hari Gopal Bolo' part that just seems to be following the likes of 'Hare Krishna Hare Raam' (Title song - Bhool Bhulaiyaa). This portion is in fact the weakest of the song that actually sounds much better when it moves to the 'antara'. Suhaas Shetty sings this Hinglish song in the same mode as Neeraj Shridhar and does a fairly good job behind the mike.


Be Careful is a decent album that goes with the genre of the movie and has it's four songs act as good fillers during the story telling. Though none of the songs here carry much enough potential to find much mileage after the release of the film (also because there has been zilch promotion so far), they establish once again that Siddhartth-Suhas need a bigger platform to make their presence felt further in the musical scene.


Love Technology - Partymap Mix, Fursat

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