Bas Ek Tamanna Movie


Based in the cultural city of Lucknow and contrasting it with the high society life of Dubai, the film opens in Lucknow, with a Middle-Class Muslim Family of three, where the mother, Najma (Reema Lagoo) is the sole earner and wishes to go for Hajj with her self-earned money, an

Based in the cultural city of Lucknow and contrasting it with the high society life of Dubai, the film opens in Lucknow, with a Middle-Class Muslim Family of three, where the mother, Najma (Reema Lagoo) is the sole earner and wishes to go for Hajj with her self-earned money, an ailing husband, Nadeem (SM Zaheer) restricted to the wheelchair and their son, Faraaz (Sameer Aftab) works as a part time guide, till he bags a proper job.

Faraaz on is on his normal spree as a guide with a few school kids and a sweet gesture of his, is noticed by a lady, who had just come to Lucknow from Dubai, Sameera (Rituparna Sengupta). She is new to the place & likes the sweetness in this young guide.

She opts for him to show her around the place. Faraaz spends the next few days with Sameera explaining her about the various historic monuments in Lucknow. She admires him all the more after they spend some time together.

Her trip is about to end and just before leaving she gets to know that Faraaz was looking for a job. She thus thinks & throws him an offer - not knowing whether he would agree to go with her to Dubai on that.

To her pleasant surprise Faraaz agrees to help her out. Thus she pays him a hefty advance & heads back to arrange for the visas & the other formalities. But he never mentions the truth to his family, as to what his job in Dubai was going to be and with whom.

Faraaz's life changes after this proposal. Things are looking up for him & happiness flows from all angles. This is the time where he comes across the love of his life, Sanah (Gauri Karnik) a teacher in the local school.

Parents are happy for the both of them and agree to get them engaged before Faraaz left for his job in Dubai. Little do they know the nature of the job as he had hidden the fact that a lady, had offered him a job of a complex nature.

Faraaz gets engaged to Sanah and also comes the time when Faraaz has to leave for Dubai. He still keeps his secrecy & heads towards the place that was going to change his destiny. He is welcomed in Dubai by Sameera, who takes him to a big hospital to start his journey. Here we introduce a six-year-old kid sitting in a psychiatric ward playing with toys, breaking dolls from the neck & hanging them on the noose. This kid is Ahmed (Master Laeeque).

Sameera is a single parent, a very well settled business woman, but a girl with a haunting past. The doctor explains the situation to Faraaz. Letting him know that the kid was a patient of The Bipolar Disorder, a psychiatric disorder normally found in children with unnatural parental death. This starts with destructive tantrums in kids his age & leads to suicidal tendencies, at a later stage. Sameera here explains that Faraaz should think once before they reached home because her husband had committed suicide due to inferiority complex & the kid was unaware of it - Ahmed now needed a normal father, so as to avoid medication at a later stage. Sameera couldn't ever remarry due to her poignant past & thus needed a guy who could be trusted as the father to her son.

Faraaz agrees to go ahead with the contract she had made. Papers are signed & Faraaz enters Sameera's house as Ahmed's father. Time passes and Ahmed becomes fond of Faraaz. Sameera is happy that her decision was correct & so was her selection. Both Sameera & Faraaz become good friends acting as husband & wife in front of the kid.

But with passing time Faraaz's attitude towards his loved ones back in India changes & his involvement in Dubai & his changed lifestyle makes him gradually forget his past. Sameera, unaware of his past likes his involvement in her son & treats Faraaz with all the good things life there could offer. This makes him love the life he was now leading & wants to forget the past fully.

On one end, Faraaz tastes the best things life could offer & on the other end his family & loved ones in India suffer. He gradually changes his contacts in order refrain from lying all the time & starts to feel that the money he had sent was enough to fill up his loss to the family. Absolutely unaware, that in the course of time his father succumbs to his ailments. Time flies & Faraaz & Sameera are happy with Ahmed oblivious of the condition of Faraaz's family after the death of his father.

But a day comes when Faraaz gets the news of his father's death & holds Sameera responsible for hiding it from him, in fear of losing the father to her son. This hurts Sameera, who blasts out & reminds Faraaz that nothing but him had changed & he was equally responsible for the sorry state of his family & lets him leave if he wanted to.

Faraaz is back with his mother & Sanah, still hiding the life he spent in Dubai & normalcy prevails once again. But Sameera faces a tough time with Ahmed, who now is all the more figity & wants his father back in his life. She is compelled to give in to his demands.

Under pressure she decides to settle in Lucknow knowing nothing about Faraaz & his life back home. She wants to give it a shot talking to him & trying to get back happiness in Ahmed's life.

She comes back to Lucknow & admits Ahmed in the best school there - but this happens to be the place where Sanah teaches & all three meet. The worst part comes up when Faraaz too lands up at the same place & Ahmed runs to hug him - Sameera too is happy to find him there, as she was looking all around for Faraaz.

What happens from here on & how Sameera manages to break the ice so as to restore the peace in the lives of the lovers is what sums up the storyline, the end being a very positive & unique one...

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