5 Excellent

Band Baaja Baaraat

Band Baaja Baaraat is the savior of the Indian Film Industry in the year of 2010.

In a time where movies are flopping left and right, films' profits are dependent on selling satellite and music rights, and our leading actors are performing in empty theaters, Band Baaja Baarat is a refreshing taste of good storytelling, entertaining film making, arousing performances, and smashing music!

Band Baaja Baarat brings back the "masti" audiences crave for in an Indian films. It brings back the creativity of making a simple Bollywood love story into a gripping and memorable Bollywood film.

The film's mood and setting may even remind you of recent classics such as "Jab We Met" but in no way has it copied even a cent from that film.

The performances by both Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh are top-notch. Anushka Sharma plays a convincing punjabi girl from Delhi while Ranveer Singh signals the audience of becoming tomorrow's superstar.

Salim-Sulaiman present an excellent soundtrack with an excellent blend of romantic, refreshing, punjabi, and dance numbers. From Dum Dum to Mitra, every track is bound to be a hit. However, "Ainvayi Ainvayi" steals the show away and is definitely becoming a shaadi favorite. And the choreography Vaibhavi Merchant falls step in step and equally exudes craft and elegance. In one sentence, the male Merchants took care of the Band, Baaja, and the female Merchant created the Baaraat.

Watch it for the Bollywood masala, the performances, the story, the music, Delhi, the dances, or whatever else, I doubt you will be disappointed.

This shows Bollywood the ray of hope and the courage to still deliver a fantastic project.

A last thing I would like to add, although I doubt this advice will be heard by many out there: note the care given to each element of the story - no piece of the plot was rushed over and neither was anything given so much screen time that the audience dies of boredom. And all was accomplished in approximately two hours.