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Banana Brothers

A comedy made in English with a dash of Punjabi and Gujarati, BANANA BROTHERS shows the difficulties faced by Indians who migrate to foreign land in search of money and success. The serious issue is dealt with humor this time.

It revolves around a taxi driver Baldev Singh [Gursewak Mann], who migrates to the U.S. and meets a Gujarati person called Ketan Shah [Anupam Kher]. As both of them dream of making it big, they decide to start a business together. Soon, they bump into a scheming film producer called Rajinder Kumar [Gulshan Grover].

There are lots of twists and turns in the tale. How the two characters keep alive their spirit despite the odds is the crux of the story.

BANANA BROTHERS is supposedly a light entertainer, but there are hardly any moments that tickle your funny bone. Besides, the pacing of the film is quite slow and the goings-on unfold at a sluggish pace. In addition, the length of the film should've been concise and the film could've easily done with a 30-minute trimming. Direction is okay. Music is passable.

Anupam Kher and Gursewak Mann carry the film on their shoulders. Seema Rehmani does a fair job. Johny Lever overacts. Gulshan Grover is loud this time.

On the whole, BANANA BROTHERS has limited scope.