3.5 Very Good

Bajrangi Bhaijaan

I must say, I am not a big fan of Kabir Khan, have not liked Kareena Kapoor other than Jab We Met. I am not a Salman Fan either nd despite that I watch all his Eid releases on first day. BB is different. KK has been vigilant about sense and aesthetics more than just looking into a mass appeal. This could be a new beginning for a successful director to becoming a good director. He has been helped a great deal by Vijayendra Prasad's story and a capable production design team of Rajnish Hedao. Vijayendra' a household name in South market, has brought an original story with a lot of room to attract cine- goers. Rajnish's team, well known for PK, Rockstar and Three Idiots, already has vast experience of multi- location shoots. BB spreads across various cities and weathers and production design and art direction is always tough for such films. Credit to KK for utilizing the resources at hand in the best possible way. This is probably Salman Khan's best movie, i went in the theater room with low expectation and when i came out, i was amazed!! They show so much positive stuff in this movie!! I guarantee that, when u leave, you will learn at least 10 new things about humanity. This movie is way too good! Nawazuddin was amazing in there as well who played a pakistani journalist, and we already know that salman is good, but in this movie he was good acting wise, but The little cute girl was toooooo good. I love this movie, i learned a lot more after watching this, and this is the kind of movie that you watch again and again, and you still love it each time. So people that have not seen this movie yet, please go and watch it, and enjoy!