1.5 Average

Bachna Ae Haseeno

Raj Sharma(Ranbir Kapoor), your usual cool, urban lad who is a game developer with Microsoft. Three women is his life; Mahi (Minissha Lamba), Radhika (Bipisha Basu) and Gayatri (Deepika) between 1996-2008. Two of them whom he dumps and one who dumps him. The sudden realisation mode….the guilt….the apologies…..the climax. End of story. Or is it?

Ranbir plays the Yup (young urban professional), who is a huge flirt, with elan. He’s cool, he’s stylish, he’s funny and dances really well……did I miss ’sexy’? Must say Kapoor junior didn’t
get charm from his dad but does have sex appeal. Infact i’d say he’s in Hritik and Shahid’s league, far as dancing is concerned. As far the
acting goes…..ummm….needs a lot of improvement in the ‘emotional scenes’. Can’t cry naturally and looks wooden. Minissha enacts her ‘innocent girl next door’ part with a lot of conviction….her handling of the emotional scenes(both at the airport and at the wedding scene) are marvellous. Would’ve liked more of her on screen. Bipisha plays the sexy model role well. Suits her body language and being originally a model she knows the temper tantrums that models have, uses that to her advantage. Deepika is strictly alright. She not got much to do or say. Her scene at the intermission point is good but not because she
delivers it well……but because the screenplay is well written here. Kunal Kapoor was effective in a small role. Hiten Paintal was a revelation….he supports Ranbir with ease and holds his own.

Technicals and locations (in true Yashraj style) are worth multiple claps. Pan shots, low angles, high angles, close ups, mid shots.all have been liberally used to perfection. The usual Switzerland and Bombay are there as always. The surprise package, Italy has possible never looked so gorgeous on the Indian motion picture front till date.If choosing Italy was Siddharth’s idea the kudos to him for the same. Wonderful ‘mini tour’ of Italy if I may say so.

By and large Bachna Ae Haseeno had the potential to be a good film but it sticks to being mediocre due to a poor second half, hopeless characterisation for Deepika and multiple loopholes in the story. Can be watched for Ranbir Kapoor’s eyewear, dance,acting(barring emotional
scenes) and a truly funny first half.