5 Excellent

Alright guys, here is my review:

My name is Moiz Ali Bhai, and I’m from Pakistan. I am a regular visitor of Indiafm. This was the first time I had ever watched an Indian movie in a Pakistani cinema, and I was very much excited about it! I didn’t find any drawbacks in the film. I kept my eyes glued on the screen till the end. The entire Pakistani audience was cheerful in the cinema hall. They were all clapping, dancing, singing and laughing, and their excitement was evident. It was the first time I had liked Emraan Hasmi in a movie; he deserves film fare award for his performance. All the characters were up to the mark in performance, and the songs were excellent. Words can’t describe the excellence of the songs. The songs were so good that people waited till the last song ended and the ending credits started appearing. I believe Awarapan has stormed the Pakistani cinema. I hope that in future I will see more Indian movies like this because I eat, sleep and drink Indian movies.