5 Excellent

Avengers: Age Of Ultron (English)

Director Joss Whedon strikes again with an easily satisfying, nearly inevitable must watch sequel. The Avengers reassemble to fight their toughest artificially created nemesis named Ultron, a sentient robot which is supposedly created by Tony Stark in this movie but by Hank Pym in the comics. Well I think this movie could be following its comic book counterpart after all. I mean, just think it over, Marvel Studios are releasing Ant-Man this year as well. Tony doesn't literally justify creating it, but calls it the Ultron Program, a proposed dormant peacekeeping program that causes destruction by the widest of scales. Not sure if any spoilers have leaked out so far but let me just get to it. This movie has loads of funny moments, way more than I ever imagined, so they pretty much make up for any small cheesy moments here and there, rest assured this will avenge your expectations if you prefer things the comic-book way. Compared to all the previous comic book movies that came out, I guess this movie dominates the competition like never before. Marvel Studios has yet again fulfilled one of my wildest imaginations. Oh, by the way, Hulk Vs Hulkbuster was smashing throughout the process and was phenomenal, where at the end, Hulkbuster punches Hulk the way Hulk punched Thor in the first Avengers movie, guess that makes things even then. Whatever you've got upcoming Marvel Studios, like Ant-Man, or Civil War (Yeah, I was hoping they'd set up a plot for it which they didn't, but no problem), or even Infinity War, Parts 1 and 2, just bring it on, I'm all ears!