5 Excellent

Aloo Chaat

Aloo Chaat is a romantic comedy about a America return Hindu boy who is in love with a Muslim Girl. The movie is set in Delhi and is a comical portrayal of the reactions of a typical middle class Punjabi family when they find out. A hilarious story with all the twists & turns of falling in love. Aloo Chaat, the name comes from an Indian dish, made of potatoes and spices - it's delicious & a favorite with street food lovers. The movie captures all the spice, the fun and the deliciousness of falling in love.

It is a laugh-a-minute film with some amazing performances by very talented actors. In fact, Robby Grewal has managed to get Aftab to act. What is noteworthy is Robby Grewal's sensitivity to clichéd perceptions of his community, albeit without the slightest hint of a parochial, prejudiced world view. He stares at those areas that Mira Nair just walked by. If Monsoon Wedding is a fleeting view of a community celebrating the goodness and alienating the worst in itself, Aloo Chat is a community celebrating the utter lack of pretensions.

Aloo Chat is funny. But it's also honest and subtle, with a lurking-beyond-the-surface humour. And Robby Grewal's eyes are well equipped to celebrate that enchanting sense of life that only Delhi, the city of refugees can provide.