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Aisa Kyon Hota Hai? Movie Review

Aisa Kyon Hota Hai? Movie Rating

AISA KYON HOTA HAI? tackles two issues in those two hours: One, you can lead a healthy life even if you are HIV + and two, not all Muslims are terrorists. From bomb blasts to riots to unsafe sex, the makers have tried to package too many chapters in a limited time, but the impact it ought to create is just not there.

Set in a college campus, AISA KYON HOTA HAI? revolves around the life of a single mother Kiran [Rati Agnihotri] and her son Raj [Aryan Vaid]. Kiran brings up Raj with a lot of affection and takes every possible care of him, but he grows up with no respect to emotional relationships. Not love but lust is the reality of his life.

Every now and then he is also haunted by the thought that he is an illegitimate child of his mother. All he wants to achieve is success and fame in his life so that he can gain legitimacy and make everyone respect his mother.

Director Ajay Kanchan, who has also penned the script, makes a genuine attempt to convey a message, but the impact is missing because the execution of the subject is plain mediocre. Also, the issues that the film has tried to highlight have been witnessed time and again on the Hindi screen, thereby robbing the film of originality.

Music [Tauseef Akhtar] looks out of place. If the tunes are ordinary, what dilutes the impact is the placement of songs. There are too many songs in the narrative and most of them seem forced.

Rati Agnihotri delivers an effortless performance. Aryan Vaid doesn't make the required impact. His dialogue delivery continues to be faulty. The two heroines, Megha Chatterjee and Shruti Mehrotra, don't get much scope. Amit is decent. Johny Lever and Avtar Gill are wasted. Mehul Bhojak is able.

On the whole, AISA KYON HOTA HAI? neither enlightens, nor entertains. At the box-office, lack of promotion and also face-value will result in the effort going completely unnoticed.

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