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Agent Vinod

Agent Vinod: This is not a spoiler, unfortunately there can’t be one without a story.

As the credit suggests, this Agent believes beyond doubt that name need not be revealed, and yet named the movie Agent Vinod. How IntelliGent! A true spoiler, isn’t it? So the name is Agent. “Travel” Agent Vinod, who takes you on ride and leaves where you exactly started from. You lose time and energy but cover no distance. World is vague, it keeps on getting more vague and there are many false positives. Likewise, this movie has many false endings, as you believe that movie would have ended, this Agent spryly lands in new city to decipher this vagueness and adds some more to it.

Dr Kalam, liked children and nuclear bombs alike, was once quizzed by child if he could detonate a nuclear bomb and Kalam had to admit his intellect was limited to develop one. Now, he and children can take sigh of relief, Agent Vinod has arrived. Abilities are not limited there, this bomb is supposed to be of 3 tones at the start but by the end, Agent cuddles it in his arm like baby and even goes sprinting on the street. A true Gent indeed. May be the radiation trimmed the bomb and Director was first one to be affected. Alternatively, like our actress it’s meant to be of size zero. Even this bomb has some stylish name, which i don’t intend to reveal. Suddenly “Fat Man” and “Little Boy” used in WW 2 sound so unfashionable. Hope US does not get offended with these heroics. Actually they should, this new age slick bomb costed only $50 millions, can be transported via air, road and water and need very little personal attention.

This all is fine. We are capable of handling more stupid movies and stupefied reviews. True vagueness lies in faring of Ram Kapoor. While he can get intimate with Sakshi Tanwar, one wonders why he wants to get kicked by this A Gent? Well these strange human tendencies makes this world vague.