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ABCD – Any Body Can Dance – 2

ABCD 2 REVIEW- Just finished watching ABCD 2 and came out with happy and satisfied face from theater. Film was looking promising from the first trailer and then dance video songs increased everybody's expectations. Even before trailer film had good buzz due to its surprise successful prequel. Each and every audience loved the prequel so had expectations from its sequel and film will not disappoint you for sure. Lets start from the story,Varun and Sharddha and their dancing group from mumbai is dedicated towards dance but they stole opponent's performance and gets stamp of cheaters on their name. Since then they are eager to get second chance from life. Then they find dancing guru Vishnu sir played by Prabhudeva. They try to convince Vishnu sir and he keep rejecting them. But we know film story cant go ahead without his 'Yes' to them and as expected he agrees to be their choreographer. Then auditions and their breath taking performances with eye catching visuals effects which keeps us to edge of our seats. And then their journey to the finals Obviously predictable but still enjoyable screenplay. Acting department is too good. Varun and Shraddha gave their everything for this movie. Here they proved that they are not only good actors but also are quality dancers. Both steals the show with their acting and dancing as well. Other star cast were not from this acting field so we cant expect them to act well but still they were okay but they will blow you again with their dancing skills here. Story,screenplay were good. But film is too lengthy to watch. Editing could have been better and that was needed there. So many unwanted scenes and songs spoiled the tightness and grip of the film. But here comes a magical direction which impresses us. Remo proved that he has become one the finest director when it comes to entertain all kind of audience. He kept our excitement high in every important scene like dance performances,climax and some patriotic scenes. Too many clap worthy and whistle worthy scenes and some scenes with patriotic theme were just wow. Camera work was brilliant as they shoot movie for 3D only. But don't know it was the problem of theater's projector or film's team bad work that i film screen wasn't clear i just couldn't see the single scene with clarity. I will have to watch the movie again in another theater for its clarity. Anyways final words its Another Paisa Vasool Entertainer from Remo. You just cant miss it. If you like watching dance movie with some clap worthy scenes and wholesome entertainer for all ages then you cant afford to miss this one. Go for it,its must watch for dance lovers and to those who liked its prequel and certainly one time watch for classes audience. Film completes all expectations as whole. 7 * stars by me :)