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Ab Tak Chhappan 2

A decade after 'Ab Tak Chappan' was released, this apology of a sequel brutally kills the original. Shoddy production qualities, uneven background music, jaded dialogues and pointless, unimaginative script scheme together to make this sequel a bit of a disaster.

It's a familiar story, but what makes it engaging is the no-frills approach to how the events unfurl. There are no songs or unnecessary dialogues to put the brakes on the story, but there are no riveting twists either to make it entertaining from start to finish. The twists are far too predictable and lame. Also, stereotypes such as the villains being dark-skinned and unwashed are peddled with cheerful abandon here. While Patekar takes up every frame, actors such as Gul Panag who plays a crime reporter and Ashutosh Rana who plays Agashe's jealous colleague, provide him support.

Before the movie began, the trailer of Dev Patel's upcoming film Chappies was shown. Trust me, that two and a half minutes trailer was way better than this full film. If you are a Nana Patekar fan, go watch Shimit Amin's Ab Tak Chappan than the sequel! "Sequels rarely turn out as good as the original. And 'Ab Tak Chappan2' fits that theory. Nilesh Girkar's story might have succeeded in getting the aged super cop to step back on the battlefield, but he throws him an unworthy fight. Eleven years after director Shimit Amin created the magnanimous encounter specialist Sadhu, Gulab crushes him with an unfitting comeback