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Aarakshan ** Aarakshan fiasco***

Just finished watching a noon show almost empty, well let me make it clear, to be fair on Prakash Jha, movie doesn’t take any sides, n speaks for Reservation thro the main protagonists. Movie, has to say is a sincere n genuine attempt at showcasing commercialization of education. But where does Aarakshan come in the first place? Though movie has got few references in the first half but other than that it focuses mainly on the growing tuition business.

Tell me when was the last time a movie got a complete week’s primetime in almost all news channels, Jha deserves the credit for making this happen. Take a controversial name for the ‘title’ and get all the limelight before the release. Well sad it is, but not enough to make it a success.

About movie Big B sleepwalks through his role, Saif sparkles but a certain ‘Devgan’ would have been a apt choice, Pratiek doesn’t do any good to help himself, well have to give it to Deepika, finally after half a dozen releases, she gets it right this time around, good job done, Manoj Bajpayee sadly hams throughout the movie, there are a whole lot of artists who doesn’t create any mark. Music is just okay. Screenplay is average, at times it just turns out to be comic unintentionally when Saif calls Deepika from possibly America and her phone shows a Mumbai landline no. Not done.

Coming to the fiasco it has been banned in UP, AP and Punjab. This is not the first time a movie faces ban, there have been innumerable instances be it Zakhm, Water, Black Friday, Parzania, Fanaa n many more, it’s high time movies are not meddled with, n leave it to audience to accept or reject it. It’s easy said than done, so let us see what holds in future n how many more years will India take to have a mature n unbiased outlook.

Only complaint against Jha, he could have easily got a different title, my feeling he knew this would garner lot of attention n hence went for it. But at the end of day everyone does it for publicity, so it’s okay ;) but you can’t taste success unless you make a good movie out of it and this time around he falters!!!!!