4 Very Good


Aarakshan is a decent Movie But One time watch.Prakash Jha once again proved that he is the only director of Bollywood who gets the best Out of every actor.As far as Acting is concerned BIG B is a show stealer, Manoj Bajpai showed How talented actor he is as a Villain he was More dangerous than RAJNEETI, Deepika has done excellent job in the Movie and her every expression touches your heart. Once again she proved that she is very talented.That's the reason why she has been My all time favourite. Saif Ali Khan is Ok so is prateik.Rest of the casts are hardly there.Hema Malini doesn't get any scope. Overall Aarakshan is a decent attempt by prakash Jha after Rajneeti who not only showed reservation but also proved that No actor in Bollywood is Bad if they get well suited role in the Movie.Go for it.