3.5 Very Good


After A Very Long Time Priyadarshan filmed a serious and hard hitting movie like AAkrosh.Movie is really made in a very serious and thought provoking manner. But The main drawback is "with a story like this one can create a emotional world with high voltage emotions".In A story like AAkrosh Viewer has to feel the pain and understand the difficulties of the villagers(Even in his previous work Malamaal Weekly u can connect with the feelings of the villagers and their problems even though it is a comedy flick).But the connection between a story teller and a viewer was not established well.But as a whole the movies is good and creates an impact but not up to the mark...on the flip side artist performances are really top-notch. Cinematography by Tirru was awesome.Especially his different sepia look is very much in sync with the story..Finally aakrosh is good film and a worth watch for me.This is only for the serious movie audience.