4.5 Excellent

Aaja Nachle

AAJA NACHLE comes as that crisp southern winter wind which u are only to glad to have felt..
coz thats what the movie does..it makes you FEEL.
and given the dearth of soulful movies lately..u really really dont mind the certain flaws the movie has...
considering the dirt of crassy movies that accumulates Bollywood..with conspicuous-by-absence scripts,starlets that double up as racy item girls/boys(sic) and churning publicity out of cheap thrills & vulgar jokes,Aaja Nachle comes as a pleasant break.
the characters are just sweet and you find yourself going(inspite of u) "awwwwww" most of the times..
be it with the middle aged romantic goverment officer Mr.Chojar(Vinay Pathak) or the secret admirer(Ranvir Shorey)
the chemistry between Imran(Kunal) & Anokhi(Konkana) is fabulous.Konkana also demonstrates amazing comic timing..
most of the other character artistes (Divya Dutta,Irrfan Khan,Raghubir Yadav)are delightful enough to keep u feeling positive through out the movie..
the script isnt rock-solid but the screenplay,which is reminiscent of the Hrishikesh Mukherjee era where characters interact like normal people..
dialogues which sound realistic with a sufficient hint of local dialect without sounding too kistchy
is another brownie point.
songs are well placed & precise.especially the beautifully orchestrated "Show Me Ur Jalwa" & the serene "Ishq Hua"
and the revival of the "Laila-Majnu" saga is breath-taking..its choreographed flawlessly,the medley of songs used in the sequence and their lyrics are brilliant..almost like a Bollywood Broadway..which is never before seen..really..

and then there is Madhuri..
Madhuri(as Dia) is..for lack of a better word..GREAT..
having to carry n sustain (n HOW!) a movie in a male-crazy,slut-fancing Bollywood audience is only too commendable..(at the age of 42,i dont recall ANY other actress who had a protagonist's role in hindi cinema)
Her character's positivity inspite of numerous hurdles(but cries only once when her own friend betrays her)
her teases(scene with Kunal Kapoor)
her sarcasms(scene with the local politician)
her camaraderie(scene with Konkana on the terrace)
her witty one-on-ones(with Akshaye Khanna)
its just what finery of acting is!
and to comment about her dances would be as inappropriate as unrequired..
to watch her nuances,her grace or her expressions in the Title song is exactly when u know why she reigns supreme.......

flaws like too many cinematic liberties regarding the economical & technical arrangements behind putting up a show of such huge scale are missable

overall,Aaja Nachle has the feel of the movies of the time gone by..the time where it wasnt about clubs & bike races,it wasnt about getting laid,it wasnt about urban sinisterisms and above all,it wasnt about pessimism..

Aaja Nachle is about the good old Good winning over Bad..
about realistic human relationships,about the simple lesson that you can make it happen by hard (n smart) work..
and that in the end,ALL is fine..
just like that time when you feel like dancing...