4 Very Good

8×10 Tasveer

i just watched movie an hour back..let me write a HONEST review..

movie is not at all bad the way Mr Tarun Adarsh has said..

first half is slow...2nd half picks up pace..

about the last 20mts it is different..a new suspense unfolds which makes it different from the rest for a change..its not that one among 5 or 6 suspects is the killer(the way portrayed in other usual flicks)

akshay has put his heart for this role..it shows

was really dissapointed with Mr Adarsh..he was the same man who gave lavish praises for a movie like RACE where the screenplay is nothing...same Taran Adarsh telling that here screenplay is not tight!!!!!!wooooow

please write honest reviews..

i really enjoyed the movie and Nagesh thx for a different genre..

i watched it in inox bangalore and after the show audience were clapping when u came on screen in that Bohemia song....Hatss off nagesh...