2.5 Good

1920: Evil Returns: The movie is no where close to its genre. NO! This one fails to scare you outright. Vikram Bhatt's previous works like Shaapit, Haunted 3D and 1920 were far better. What needs to be applauded is the costume team. Tia's costumes were terrific and even her make-up as the evil possessed soul was top-notch. Cinematography was brilliant, Sweden has been captured beautifully and decor of those huge mansions was mesmerizing. As far as the acting is concerned, it was all-in-all Tia's show, she was clearly the heart and soul of the film. What lacks is the writing, story just goes nowhere. Post interval there is still some scope but the first part had nothing to offer. And though the music is way above average but it seems forced in a horror flick. On the whole, it appears as a romantic movie rather than a horror-thriller. The movie can be appreciated just for its visual treats. This one gets a 2.5 from me :)