4 Very Good

When this movie came some years ago, I was amazed by its story and script and the creativity behind it. In addition, it got phenomenal critics as well. Not so long afterwards, I was telling a friend about this film and the story, and he said the story reminded him of a Korean film called Oldboy (the third movie in the series of Oldboy was Lady Vengeance). When we got into further details, we found out that this one was actually a copy of Oldboy. This isn’t actually surprising, because the maker of Zinda, Sanjay Gupta, is actually known for remaking foreign movies.

The story is about a guy who suddenly is locked up for 14 years in a dark and dingy room without telling any reason for this. After 14 years, he suddenly is released and then he tries to find out why he was locked up. I think it was a very creative story, and just imagine adding this story with perfect mixture of great cinematography, visuals, background music to give you optimal thriller experience. The acting performances were also good. With this movie, John Abraham showed that he also can act, and isn’t just another model who has succeeded in Bollywood with proper acting skills.