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Yeh Lamhe Judaai Ke Movie Review

Yeh Lamhe Judaai Ke Movie Rating

Ritesh Nayyar's YEH LAMHE JUDAAI KE is a routine love story that has a dash of everything - romance, drama and mystery. Unfortunately, the film has taken a long period to hit the screens and despite the presence of the super-star [Shah Rukh Khan], it comes across as a jaded attempt.

Dushyant [Shah Rukh Khan], Jaya [Raveena Tandon], Sujit [Mohnish Bahl] and Nisha [Navneet Nishan] are childhood friends.

Dushyant aspires to become a successful singer, but is hard hit for money. Jaya helps Dushyant realize his dreams and ambitions. As Dushyant gets successful, cracks start surfacing on his relationship with Jaya. Reason: Dushyant values his career more than his love life.

Sujit and Nisha take advantage of this situation and try to get close to Dushyant. Nisha is keen to marry Dushyant because of his new-found status.

Meanwhile, Kamlesh Dhingra [Avtar Gill], who is Nisha's father, approaches Dushyant to finance his business venture but Rajpal [Kiran Kumar], Dushyant's mentor, turns down the offer. Rajpul has no faith on Dhingra.

Dhingra and Sujit plot to amass Dushyant's wealth by luring Dushyant to marry Nisha and in the process, get rid of Rajpal. But Dushyant comes to know of their evil plans

The problem clearly lies in the fact that YEH LAMHE JUDAAI KE has taken years to reach the theatres. Besides the looks of the stars, the concept of the film is equally archaic. The viewer can actually predict what the next scene would be like.

Frankly, watching YEH LAMHE JUDAAI KE is akin to watching two films within one film. If the film begins with the SRK - Raveena track, the other track crops up from nowhere and that involves a bunch of newcomers, all non-actors.

There are several blanks in the narrative. Like, for instance, in one of the songs only the visuals of SRK and Raveena have been inserted, making it evident that the song was never filmed. Even the narrative looks like an unfinished job, with several questions remaining unanswered.

Director Birendra Nath Tiwari does make an attempt to join the loose ends of the film, but the outcome is least convincing. Music [Nikhil-Vinay, Rajendra Salil] seems inspired by the Nadeem-Shravan tracks, post-AASHIQUI. Cinematography is bad.

The looks of both Shah Rukh Khan and Raveena Tandon give the film a dated look. SRK is as usual, but the dubbing leaves a lot to be desired. It just doesn't sound like SRK. Raveena goes through her part mechanically. Mohnish Bahl is strictly okay. Navneet Nishan makes her presence felt. Kiran Kumar is adequate. Avtar Gill is so-so.

On the whole, YEH LAMHE JUDAAI KE is a non-starter.

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