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There is zilch expectation from the music of Yeh Dooriyan. Reasons are the oft repeated ones - no promotion, no star value, no hype and no music team that guarantees a popular soundtrack. With these factors hovering in mind, one apprehensively plays on Yeh Dooriyan which has Meet Bros. Anjjan, Raju Singh and Amjed Nadeem as the composing team with Kumaar, Kunwar Juneja, Shabbir Ahmed and Priya Panchal as the lyricists.


'They can't really be serious' - that's what one ends up exclaiming the moment one lays hands on the credit details of Yeh Dooriyan and sees the first song titled as 'Ringa Ringa Roses'. An obvious item number that takes its cue from the nursery rhyme, this Amjed Nadeem/Shabbir Ahmed is a total no-no and just makes one extremely apprehensive about what would follow next in the album. In fact one wonders what is Shweta Pandit doing behind the mike here as she is expected to feature in far better outings. As is the case in the entire album, 'Ringa Ringa Roses' is also heard in a 'remix version' but doesn't manage to entice you into loving it more than before.

Omer Nadeem, who in the past has sung 'Sau Baar' [Yamla Pagla Deewana] and 'Thum Zara' [Spanish Beauty]', is heard again in the title song 'Baat Jo Thi… (Yeh Dooriyan)' which is written by Priya Panchal. Sounding quite close to Atif Aslam, he leaves a good account of himself in a song which thankfully comes at just the right time. Just when one would have thought that 'Ringa Ringa Roses' is the farthest distance that Yeh Dooriyaan would travel, Meet Bros. Anjjan's 'Baat Jo Thi' (which also arrives in a 'remix' as well as 'unplugged version') changes the direction of the album and brings it back to the position from where one is willing to give it a full listening at least.

The album takes a different turn with Kumaar written 'Mai Jabse Tujhse Mila (Neend Nadarad)' which sounds quite ordinary to begin with but becomes reasonably addictive once heard a couple of times. A massy number which is aimed at the gentry, this Raju Singh composed number could have gone an extra distance had it been picturised on an established star. Mikka does a good job by singing this one in his characteristic style, hence ensuring that you don't quite mind giving it a second hearing when the 'remix version' appears.

From a dance number, Raju Singh and Kumaar return for the romantic track 'I Wanna Be Your Lover (Khushnuma)' which is the first quintessential Bollywood track in the album so far. Reminding one of many a Emraan Hashmi tracks that have worked with the audience over the years, 'I Wanna Be Your Lover' is sung by Shaan and Gunjan. A harmless track which belongs to a style that never fails to entertain, it is definitely not a trailblazer but sounds good nevertheless in both its original and 'remix version'.

At this point Meet Bros. Anjjan return to action with 'Let's Rock Sarsarahat'. A kind of number that one associates with a chic-flick, this Kunwar Juneja written number is about a bunch of young women living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment of it. Akriti Kakkar does quite well in her solo rendition of this rock number and while the tune is decent, it all boils down to how the song is picturised for screen.

However 'Ya Maula' which follows next doesn't quite work and its inherent sadness rubs upon the listener as well. Yet another collaboration of Meet Bros. Anjjan and Kunwar Juneja, this one takes its sad quotient to a different level and ultimately ends up pushing a listener away from itself. Surprisingly the song is heard thrice in the album (with Krishna and Kavita Seth coming up with their versions) but only ends up being a strict no-no.


Yeh Dooriyaan isn't a chartbuster album by any means but does have a couple of songs which, if promoted well, could find an audience for itself. While songs like 'Baat Jo Thi' and 'Mai Jabse Tujhse Mila' work for classes and masses respectively, 'I Wanna Be Your Lover' is a love song that should find an audience in the youth. The makers need to go aggressive though around the promotion for Yeh Dooriyaan to create any visibility for itself.


'Baat Jo Thi', 'Mai Jabse Tujhse Mila', 'I Wanna Be Your Lover'

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one or two songs are good but overall an average album you didnt expect much from low budget movie

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