5 Excellent

Taran has already written alot about this movie,despite of the fact that he knows nothing about sereous cenima.
movies like the train and main hoon na need to be reviewed by people like taran's poor intellect.
why lajwanti hides body of dashrat?
taran wonder's.
well taran you need to think like a woman, like a tawaif,keeping society and culture in the mind.
it's a beautiful cenima after a long time last movie of such quality i think was IJAZAT.
it,s very hard to explain the sprit of the movie in short space but its about a relationship between two human beings and their respect to each other.
there are many lajjo's wondering in the streets of india Taran should meet one of them and try to find that how they look at us the respected elite.
and how they feel about themselves.
and why they hide dead bodies of people they love.