4 Very Good


This movie also got released in 2007. Welcome is a movie about gangsters(anil,nana) and their quest to get their sister(katrina) married. On the other hand - Akshay's uncle (paresh) is bent upon getting him into a nice sharif family. Hence both of them are stuck on their marriage front. Now akshay & katrina meet by chance and fall in love. And then the story continues with ample amount of confusion, flip flops, dramas and has a happy ending :).

It is a total masala movie - with many skits interveawed together. The movie is hilarious in some segments.

Acting wise - every one is good. Feroz khan as RDX (god father) is awesome !. Katrina has improved a lot. Akshay, Anil, Nana r good actors..

Music is strictly okay - nothing great

Overall its at most a once watch movie - typical masala/fun movie.