5 Excellent

A magic created by a legendry Director Sooraj Barjatya...a movie without any obscene scenes and violent action and sticking to the pure basics of narrating the story with a low budget of 35 crores with mega starcast.

May be today's generation will not like but they must send their parents to watch this movie because this movie portraying love, togetherness, the strong friendship bond, family values, culture and relationships. आप समय के साथ चलिए but not on cost of humanities and values.

Relationships are very important, if you love someone or missing someone then Dont do delay in communicating your feelings..love never dies its remains in your heart.. never miss a moment with your loved ones. ...कल रहें ना रहें.. background song ये जीवन है इस जीवन का यही है रंग रूप..whole film treatment is based on the inner meaning of this song.

It narrates to find of solution balancing the elder younger generation & to listen to each other.

This Film is not about Everest but it teaches us about standing tall & firmly in all circumstances with feet grounded like Everest.

In one frame your eyes are full of tears in next frame you are laughing

..what a wonderful treatment, emotions..life lesson what not..

It's teaches us to convert unpleasant discussions into lighter moments, Life is unpredictable, enjoy each & every moment, Spread happiness all around giving your hundred percent.

Amazing Cinematography by Manoj Khatoi..Camera moves according to the emotions and demand of scene ..simply amazing photography of Himalayan range..

songs are not hit but very soothing and sweet with situations and Nepalese flavour, well composed by Amit Trivedi..

Towering performance by सदी के महानायक Amitabh Bacchan, mesmeric support by Boman Irani, Anupam Kher, Neena Gupta and Sarika and Pariniti Chopra. Danny was felt till the end.

Several times I have been in Nepal..I am fond of Nepal. After so many years seeing Nepal beauty mesmerized me.

This movie will compels you to watch again..

Lastly I will say Sooraj Barjatya is actual hero.

In one frame all the legends are performing their best..this miracle only *Sooraj Sir* can do.