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Tutiya Dil Music Review



Now where did this one come from? That's the instant reaction one has when presented with the soundtrack of Tutiya Dil. Frankly, I was caught unaware since there had been no news whatsoever about a film by this being made. With not much known about the cast, as well as composer Gulraj Singh and lyricist Manoj Yadav, one plays on Tutiya Dil rather reluctantly.


Gulraj Singh brings himself behind the mike for the opening number 'Satrangiya Dil'. To one's pleasant surprise, the song manages to fetch attention within first one minute itself. The tune is unusual, arrangements unique and the voice good which makes 'Satrangiya Dil' a track that does make one interested in checking out the rest of the album. Even though it isn't a quintessential Bollywood love track, it's the fusion sound (which one basically associates with a non-film track) has it's moments that stay with you.

A sound which brings on youthful flavour is evidenced in 'Tutiya Dil' for which Ram Sampath and Prakriti Kakar have been roped as singers. Yet again it is the coming together of an unusual tune and arrangements that ensure that 'Tutiya Dil' gets a bonus point. Manoj Yadav's lyrics also border on being funny as the tales of heart and love are narrated in this song.

When you come across a song which is titled as 'Alakh Niranjan', you expect a religious outing. However the one which is heard in Tutiya Dil comes with its own essence as it brings in elements of rock while ensure that the basic sanctity of the song doesn't disappear. Divya Kumar and Akriti Kakar come together for this composition which must have been difficult to be put together, especially considering the lyrics that have been woven around.

'Le Chalo' which follows next reminds one of the sounds that one had heard in 'Iktaara' [Wake Up Sid]. Even though the two songs don't really have much in common, it's the serene feel of the affairs that hooks you on. A soulful track that doesn't really follow Bollywood diktats but offers some pure music that allows you to relax and listen attentively, 'Le Chalo' is a good effort by Meenal Jain Singh and Jaswinder Singh.

Fun returns immediately though with 'Saiyan' which in fact turns out to be the pick of the lot. Pretty much reminding one of the kind of tracks that one associates with Punjabi pop genre that is prevalent in the U.K., 'Saiyan' is a catchy number where Akriti Kakar, Sayantani Das and Gulraj Singh are clearly having fun behind the mike. A groovy track which had very good potential to find an audience for itself if it is promoted extensively and supported by a good video, 'Saiyan' should have found it's place at the top of the album.

Aalam Gir Khan goes solo with 'Aag Lage' which seems like an extension of 'Saiyan' as far as the fun quotient goes. A Punjabi-Hindi track which has a spirit similar to that of 'Ainnvayi Ainvayi' (Band Baaja Baaraat), it only makes one wonder what is stopping the makers from unleashing the songs pronto.


Okay, so Tutiya Dil doesn't comprise of songs that would have stood up there in the top albums of the year. Still, if one looks at the zero expectations that one had from it to begin with, whatever one gets to hear here is an added bonus. In case of Tutiya Dil, there isn't a single song that disappoints with a couple of them being good enough to see a good run for themselves. If aided by good promotion, this album would have benefited to some extent at the least.


Saiyan, Aag Lage, Le Chalo, Satrangiya Dil

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