4.5 Excellent

Actors - Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Villian - Emraan Hashmi.
Genre - Action / Thriller / Drama / Romance
Releasing this Sunday on main Diwali in India.
Tiger 3 Is a film with a unique concept and storyline with a perfect dose of action, drama, dance and romance. This is Yash Raj Film of The Spy Universe with Salman khan (as tiger) Katrina Kaif (as Zoya) and Emraan Hashmi as the main powerful villain of the film. Most Bollywood action, drama films flop because there is nothing new shown the same things are repeated twice and thrice to us and half of them don’t have a proper storyline, but Tiger 3 storyline is good. In exact word story cannot be mentioned as it will spoil your fun to watch the film but when you see this film you will realize.
In terms of Dances Salman Khans dances looks funny. The dances and songs of the film are overall average but not bad.
The VFX (Visual Effects) – The Visual Effects of this film are unique. Till now in many other films, they are bad. In Tiger 3 the makers have made the VFX effects in a unique and different way. They have written in the script which scenes it has to be inserted in. It is off course the action scenes. The action scenes where VFX is good is when Salman Khan applies stunts when riding on the bike even before action scenes. There are 12 mind-blowing action scenes included in the film including other action scenes.
Storyline – It has a powerful storyline and shows that the script has been made in a well manner.
Songs – they are average but with more demand they will get at a good stage.
Action Scenes – Some of them were noticed and are superb. They are designed like Hollywood stunt action scenes.
Comedy Scenes – There are well made and are a family time entertainer.
Emraan Hashmi is a main villain of the film what make it go so interesting is the battle. Emraan Hashmi has a group of terrorist and soldiers supporting him in many countries and that is shown to people who will watch the film. He gets very furious with Tiger and wants to take away all his family his kids Including Katrina Kaif who is Zoya.
You might see the teaser and trailer of the film, but the film is different and there will be many exciting scenes and many twists also.
Screen Play – It is very well done. In the trailer it was lacking its element but in the film it is good.
Emotions – There are some emotions noticed toward the end of the film and are okay.
Dialogues – All dialogues are good; one dialogue is impressive – (Jab Tak Tiger Zinda Hai Tab Tak Tiger Haara Nahi)
Overall, it has been viewed yesterday evening itself and been loved and filled all our eyes with gold. Now this film will release on 12th November,2023 in cinema halls in India. Advance booking in India will start from 5th November,2023.
Please note the following film stars have a cameo in Tiger 3 film. Given Below
Sharukh Khan (as Pathaan)
Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Jr also known as Jr.N.T.R last seen as the hero with Ram Charan in RRR film and has a cameo in Tiger 3
Third one is a surprise for all of you. Hritik Roshan and Alia Bhatt
Tiger 3 is not only a good film but about a man struggles in saving his family and the world with SRK. Question about life and death.
Tiger 3 is expected to beat the record of Bahubali part 2, Bahubali Part 1, RRR, Jawan most likely, Gadar 2, Pathaan , 12TH fail, Rocky aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani including previous Tiger films of Salman Khan like Tiger Zinda Hai. As the script is outstanding.
It will only be slightly tough to beat Jawan movie record as that is highest grossing blockbuster Hindi film let see if Tiger 3 can beat Jawan too.
This needs cinematic experience why? – Most of the people who read this early review will think that this statement is mentioned in every review. The answer is if you don’t agree then don’t go. There are special action drama and dance scenes where VFX (visual effects) have been used in a unique way and there is a proper storyline which you don’t get to see in any other film. We request all of you even if you have lost your habit for movies. We request all of you to see this. It is good including the storyline. This is also a Big Indian film. Many of the audience are wondering why the film is being released on 12th November,2023 which is Sunday as most films release on Friday.
Answer – The makers might have a special plan considering Diwali too and it could also be as when this film was been seen last night it was noticed that it has a unique concept and brilliant storyline with action, dances and VFX. So, lets watch and see that what happens when it releases. The makers are not crazy that they will go for such a release date they will be having a plan with them. Salman Khan had announced in an interview for this film that they have a masterplan behind releasing the film on a Sunday in India. Makers of the film had spent their time day and night to make VFX good, drama good and to make action scenes good. Salman and Katrina have been training on the action itself for 2 months. Censor board has passed it with a UA certificate with zero cuts. The run time is perfect – 2 hours 36 minutes.
What impressed a lot?
A Unique storyline.
Action scenes with amazing stunts which look like Hollywood.
VFX- In many scenes
Cameo of film stars in the film.
What all is average but not bad.
Songs – We go for a rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars for the songs, but one song is very good and sweet- Ruaan is the name of the song. The honest thing to say is that the drama scenes are a masterpiece in Tiger 3 and even better that any Hollywood film. Do take out time and watch this film it is really recommended for everyone with a unique storyline, good action, VFX, Masterpiece and family entertainer drama scenes.
This film not only has good Drama, Action stunts and dances but also has a connection with war 2 and it unleashes a mystery towards last 10 minutes of the film which is impressive.
Important notice - There are two post credit scenes
which also unleash a mystery. Do not leave the hall just after the film ends.
Is this a masala entertainer or family entertainer?
Answer - No none of them it is usually said that the script of a film is important because it consists of dialogues, storyline which means the story of the film, action, drama. In Tiger 3 the script is brilliant and excellent with the kind of dialogues, drama and action scenes.
Before the movie was scene it was expected that it will only be action to action entertaining with drama, but we are happy to say that it has also from side to side turned out to be a mysterious thriller film.
Be ready there is a lot of surprise for you in the film. off course not the above-mentioned cameo of the film stars Some surprise which you are not aware of.