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Three – Love, Lies, Betrayal Music Review



With Three - Love Lies Betrayal, Vikram Bhatt finds himself on familiar grounds. Adultery, murder, mystery, terror, fear - these are some of the elements that Vikram Bhatt has excelled in bringing on screen over the years and one expects the same mood to continue with this film as well which is presented by him and directed by debutant Vishal Pandya. One expects a slightly dark feel in the film's music too which is composed by Chirantan Bhatt [Mission Istanbul, EMI] with lyrics by Sagar, Shakeel Azmi and Hamza Faruqui.


It's a melodious beginning for 'Tum Jo Ho Kareeb' which has the kind of start that is associated with many a musical by Vikram Bhatt. Though there is no direct reference to a song from any of his past films, one can sense a touch of Kasoor, Ankahee, Inteha and Fareb in the opening notes of this Shakeel Azmi written track. As the song proceeds, you know for sure that Shreya Ghoshal is indeed a well made composition and deserves to be promoted much more aggressively. Blame it on the avalanche of music albums that have hit the stands in the recent past due to which 'Three - Love Lies Betrayal' is trying to find a place for itself. However, 'Tum Jo Ho Kareeb' is a soulful melody that by itself is a good enough reason to go for the album.

The way 'This Beat Is Really Thumping' begins, you expect an Atif Aslam brand of Pakistani pop/rock track. However, that's not really the case as newcomer Jaspreet brings his own attitude in this Hinglish track that is made for the dance floors though without going overboard. Instead, there is some focus on the lyrics as well (by Sagar) with good interspersion of rap making it an entertaining enough track. A youthful track that does take a couple of hearing before one grasps the sound of it, 'This Beat Is Really Thumping' is good while it lasts.

An album that doesn't have a single duet to its credit, Three - Love Lies Betrayal has 'Hamein Pyaar Karo' coming next. A 'raaga' based number with an element of fusion to it, this Nandini Srikar solo is made for the lounge. In the same zone and setting as 'Vaada, Tumse Hai Vaada' [1920], this haunting song written by Sagar is about a woman longing for love. Moving at a lazy pace, 'Hamein Pyaar Karo' is not the kind that one would be found singing on the streets but play it on in your music system in the loneliness of night and you won't mind giving it a hear at all. Deservingly, it finds a very well created Westernized remixed version by Jayant Luthra who at least applies his mind and skills in creating something different rather than just adding a beat or two!

It's back to Vikram Bhatt zone with a slow and engaging start that 'Kabhie Mujhe' takes. Almost an unplugged number that has Sunidhi Chauhan coming behind the mike, 'Kabhi Mujhe' reminds one of the mood that was created by Pritam in Bhatt's Ankahee. A song that has a sad and dark yet engaging feel to it, this Sagar written track has a Western base to it and is a slow rock number that should fit in quite well in the background score of Three - Love Lies Betrayal.

Last year Hamza Faruqui made quite some impression when he sung 'Man Tu Talbat [Superstar] '. Unfortunately the film didn't work at the box office and along with that this well composed and sung number too disappeared without making the kind of waves it should have. Now the singer returns with 'Driving Me Crazy' which is written by him as well. A club track that comes with a new sound and requires a couple of hearing to be grasped, 'Driving Me Crazy' is a foot tapping track which does come with good potential of being popular amongst the youth if promoted better. This one would soon find a place in discotheques though.


Three - Love Lies Betrayal throws in a pleasant surprise as there is not a single number that seems out of place in the album. While 'Tum Jo Ho Kareeb' is the pick of the lot, dance numbers like 'This Beat... ' and 'Driving Me Crazy' are good for the duration they are heard. Then there is a lounge track 'Humein Pyaar Karo' that shows promise of having an extended shelf life while 'Kabhie Mujhe' goes well with the mood of the movie.


'Tum Jo Ho Kareeb', 'Hamein Pyaar Karo'

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