2 Average

Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic

This not a WOW film, but neither is it a BORE! Its a feel good film, but does not get you elated with joy. Well, the uncles and aunties and kids surely were enjoying the film, and that would be proof with their laughter filling the cinema hall. Anyways, its about Saif being given the responsibility of taking care of 4 kids, due to an accident; and how he along with Ameesha just cant manage them! Then enters God, played by Rishi K and seeing the plight of the kids he decides to send bubbly angel Rani to fill their lives with thoda pyaar, thoda magic. The film moves as to how, Rani brings about a change in the lives of Saif and the kids. And like any predictable hindi film, the odd couple also fall in love towards the end. Saif and Rani are stricly ok. Their roles didnt call for any histrionics. The kids are excellent. Rishi K is wasted. As for the suprise Ameesha, she is annoyingly sweet. The direction is not at its best. I wish Kunal had more pyaar, more emotions in this flick. Alas, it falls short, its just thoda!