4.5 Excellent

The Last Lear

Its ABsolutely an out-of-the-world movie!!!! Ohhhhh what a faultless performance!!! What superb acting!!!! What rivetting theatrics!!!! What perfect voice modulation!!!! What amazing dialogue delivery!!!!!! What wave of hand, what piercing eyes, what brooding voice!!!! Everything just top class!!!!

If Shakespeare were alive today, he sure would be pleased as a punch with Aby's 'over-the-top' performance!!!!

Yes, I say 'over-the-top' because that is precisely what THEATRE acting is all about. And that is precisely what Aby's character is supposed to be in this movie! So all those self-proclaimed-critiques who have said "the acting was a little over the top", take note: the acting wasn't a 'little' over the top, it was 'totally' over the top. And it was so because a Shakespearean theatre act is all about being just that - over the top!!!

Priety has done an excellent job! She was too good! Just too good!
And so was Shefali - absolutely fantastic!
And Arjun Rampal - simply marvellous!

And Amitabh? Well.... Amitabh is just AMITABH!!! After Black I had thought he can't better himself now. But with The Last Lear he did just that - YES, he has outdid his Black act!!! And how!!!