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Tension Doooor Music Review



One has nil expectations from the music of Tension Doooor. With absolutely nothing known about the credentials, music too arriving all of a sudden with the film all set for release in a few days from now without seeing promotion of any kind, it is quite difficult to push yourself into listening to this soundtrack that has music by Ali Ghani and lyrics by Nawab Arzoo.


Album opens with the track 'O Chehron Par Kyu Baje' that lasts for over 7 minutes. Seemingly a track that is set on a journey where a passenger is trying to pep up others along with him and wants them to be relieved of all the tension, 'O Chehron Par Kyu Baje' has the kind of tune that has a 70s/80s feel to it with arrangements that may well have suited Doordarshan of the era gone by. In the name of simplicity, this Sudesh Bhosle track just drags on without creating any excitement whatsoever.

In an album like this, it is actually a surprise to see someone like Shaan actually lending his vocals. He pairs up with Pamela Jain for 'Tera Chehra Ankhon Me' which creates a mood similar to that of Nadeem Shravan score from the 90s. It is due to this very reason that despite being a template affair (with Nawab Arzoo's lyrics being on the same lines as the words penned by Sameer), it can still be given a listening at least by those who continue to swear by Nadeem Shravan-Kumar Sanu-Alka Yagnik songs.

Next to arrive is the song of seduction, 'Raat Bejubaan, Hum Tum', which opens with the sound of a saxophone and gradually sets the kind of mood which was in vogue during the early and mid 90s. With no attempt being made to pep up the proceedings that could have possibly come closer to the contemporary setting, this Sunidhi Chauhan sung number belongs to 'come today, gone tomorrow' category and doesn't hold your attention at all.

The song which follows next, 'Na Tum Bolo, Na Main Bolu', takes on from where 'Tera Chehra Ankhon Me' left and follows the mushy route where romance rules the roost. This time around Shaan has Sunidhi Chouhan for company and one can well visualise a scenic surrounding around the lead protagonists as the song plays in the background. By this time around one has pretty much resigned to the fact that the music of Tension Doooor is stuck in the 90s due to which there isn't much surprise in store as 'Na Tum Bolo, Na Main Bolu' takes the same route as well.

Composer Ali Ghani comes behind the mike himself with 'Daroo De Daroo De' which belongs to the Altaf Raja mode and is a total reject within its first 40 seconds itself. The way Ali Ghani goes about singing this track; one is reminded of the manner in which Md. Aziz used to sing during the 80s. However if an attempt was to recreate 'Humka Peeni Hai' [Dabangg] then it doesn't quite turn out to be a successful one.

With the name Vinod Rathod staring from the credits, one is actually tempted to ask the makers if this album was actually composed and canned way back in the 90s and has actually been revived now. Reason being that Rathod has been pretty inactive for years now even though he had actually sung quite a few impressive songs in the 90s. The way 'Main Aaj Apnon Se' begins, it does in fact turn out to be yet another song that belongs to the era gone by where a protagonist is unhappy with the way life is treating him. For sheer nostalgia, this one actually turns out to be a good hear for die hard Nadeem Shravan fans.

Last to arrive is the title song 'Tension Doooor' which has guest composer Aashish Dwivedi, guest lyricist Mohid Llhaam and singers Vinod & Jirmi Kakoti coming together to create that 'something special'. However the results here are hardly special with the song falling flat on its face and hardly justifying the guest artists on board.


Though one initially felt that Tension Doooor would be an out and out forgettable score, there are a couple of songs that do manage to garner some attention at the least. Of course these songs too cater to only that segment of audience who still like revisiting compositions of the 90s. For the rest though there isn't anything really enticing that would make them pick this one up and hope for some 'tension doooor'!


Tera Chehra Ankhon Me, Main Aaj Apnon Se

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