3 Good

Tees Maar Khan

'Tees Maar Khan' is most awitable movie of 2010. but, Before reviewing it I want to clear one thing, its totally an time pass entertainer, if yopu find story you will not get a single point of story and you will disappoint. If you want to see 'TMK' just take pop corns, coke and whatver you want but, keep your mind in your houses and then visit it.

If you see these movie like reviewer or if you find story in it, you will definitely disappoint, but watch it just as time pass or just as comedy show, you will get 100% entertainment.

If you are fan of Akshay kumar, you can visit movie definitely, because he never let down your expectations. He is good as usual. Akshay is fantastic, I am talking about khanna, He is superb in his act then Akshay kumar.

Music is not that much appreciable, just two songs 'Sheila ki jawani' & Title track are watchable and also likes to listen.

Overall, 'TMK' is a time pass entertainer, never try to find story in it & just enjoy it as you are watching some comedy show.