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You don't quite expect a popular score from Teen Thay Bhai. Since the film doesn't quite boast of a conventional setup, one doesn't really know how the music would turn out to be. Even the choice of actors isn't what makes one anticipate a commercial score, what with Om Puri, Shreyas Talpade and Deepak Dobriyal being the men for the job. Yes, Gulzar stepping into an album does promise something worthwhile while one also expect producer Rakesyh Omprakash Mehra's sensibilities to rub upon the score here. However as composers, Sukhwinder Singh and Ranjir Barot haven't quite set the charts afire in the past due to which one reluctantly plays on the album.


Daler Mehndi is the guest composer for the title song 'Teen Thay Bhai' (which has been oddly titled as 'Pigeon-Kabootar') where he pairs up with Rajat Dholakia to put together a tune. The song tries to be all fun and whacky but surprisingly the zing is missing here. One would have expected a highly energetic song to kick-start the album but neither do the lyrics make much impact nor does the singing and the overall tune. The attempt here is to establish the three characters in a funny way but that doesn't turn out to be the case.

The song appears later as 'Full Mood Mein' version but ironically there is hardly any elevation in mood here. Instead it only manages to put you off as it takes a classical fusion approach and just drags on instead of making you gaga over it. Hard Kaur comes along with Daler Mehndi behind the mike for Ranjit Barot's 'remix version' of the song and thankfully there is some life infused into the proceedings. Still this isn't good enough to make you jump with joy.

'Chakkar Chakkar' by Sukhwinder Singh (who composes as well as sings it) has a 'desi' flavour to it with a vintage Gulzar touch to it. A song about a family coming together, this one is a situational track which is hardcore Indian in its appeal sans any Western influence whatsoever. Kirthi Sagatia provides additional vocals for this song which later arrives again as 'Bhai Ki Chakkar - Fultu Mix'. This one has a Western take to it with Hard Kaur bringing her rap to the proceedings. Also, this time around the sound of Teen Thay Bhai that plays in the background is much more enticing. A good track for the lounge.

Composers Ranjit Barot and Sukhwinder Singh come together for 'Mein Chalna Bhool Gaya' which has the kind of sound that one associates with a Lakshmikant Pyaarelal score from the late 70s/early 80s. Even the lyrics follow a familiar note as one senses the song to be picturised on a man who is drunk and is finding it hard to walk. A situational track which doesn't quite have a shelf life beyond the movie, 'Mein Chalna...' has slight Western influences to it as well with Viviane Chaix, Suzanne D'Mello and Kirthi Sagatia giving company to Mohit Chauhan behind the mike.

It's a solo outing for Sukhwinder Singh who creates 'Aar Dariya' that makes one remember soundtracks from Subhash Ghai films. There is a 'desi' flavour prevalent all over again with a Punjab setting to it that further takes one to the interiors of the country. A song that should look good on screen provided there is an effective storytelling that happens along with the song, 'Aar Dariya' is a pleasant hear.


Teen Thay Bhai has a few situational songs that should do well with the storytelling but unfortunately doesn't boast of that single song which could take the album to a chartbuster status. The one so-called item/promotional number, 'Pigeon-Kabootar', doesn't quite provide the necessary results as well which further handicaps the album. Lack of promotion will only prove to be further spanner in the music sales.


Bhai Ka Chakkar - Fultu Mix, Aar Dariya

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