3.5 Very Good

Tanu Weds Manu


Movies are all bout fun,rite.To laugh your hearts out,live the moment,maybe learn a little about Indian values & traditions too & wouldn't it be a delight if it deals with the moment which comes in every one's life & that too with so much thoughts,plannings & sacrifices..Marriages :)
Now 'Tanu Weds Manu' is not the best movie on marriages,it isn't something which we haven't ever seen,or sometime which would change the whole concept of love stories & to be very true their are moments post interval when the storyline gets a lil cliche & boring too though it soon comes back to the track with a decent climax.
Whatever sets TWM apart from all of these is the simplicity in which the story of 'Mannu' & 'Tanuja' is portrayed,some strong performances from the lead pair & music which definitely is creating waves all around.Madhavan has given a performance which is definitely going to be praised & remembered for a very long time.Kangna is b'ful,unpredictable & believe me,try as hard you may,you won't be able to hate her.

Now Manu is an Nri who has come back to India & his family as expected wants him to tie the knot this time.Cut to Kanpur where we are introduced to Kangna & what follows is a sweet,simple & an innocent tale of love,marriages & a journey of self realization & exploration.The movie is shot mostly in Kanpur,Lucknow,Delhi & Kapurthala.
Kangna looks indeed b’ful & does full justice to her role.All in all a fun filled,sweet,indeed very sweet tale of love,marriages & the notion that “Marriages are made in Heaven”

Loooooved it

Watch it for Madhavan,for the shweetest unconventional new couple in town & watch it for the feel of marriages,shaadi,dhol-bhangra & ‘Saadi Gali’.We all love movies on shaadi,baarat & simple love stories.Hai naa !!!

You won't like to miss this one.Get ready to fall in looooove once again.The most promising pair of the year is all set to tie the knot@25th Feb..Don't miss this one even if you a World Cup addict.

Two Thumps Up :)