2 Average

I come to this space to see some honest review as most website give a biased review and may be get paid for that. but it seems here also people are giving biased opinion may be the people involved with the movie.

No honest review can give this movie 4.5 or 5. The person either has really different taste or is just doing an ad campaign for the movie. Looking at the number of 4.5 and 5 ratings it can be said most of these are just writing an ad for this pathetic movie.

Please take necessary steps to save this section.
My suggestions:
1. In overall rating do not use the rating given by a person unless reader or others 2nd it. The weightage should be directly proportional to the number of positive responses/total responses. i.e. if 10 people have voted and 9 found it bogus it should be counted at .1 only.
2. The reviewer credibility should be calculated based on its prior reviews. and If person gives 5 and film flops or even goes average its value should be reduced. Same should apply to the person giving votes. The votes of such persons should also not be counted.

Hope this will make this section an honest review section otherwise this section will end up in a poor advertisement page.