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Sorry Bhai! Music Review


First things first, if Bas Ek Pal was the calling card of Mithoon who shot to limelight with 'Tere Bin' then watch out for Gaurav Dayal. He may well see good things happening for him in months to come if Sorry Bhai is any indication. The songs bear a certain quality to them and bring with them the kind of sound that spells quality. Let's play them on to see how Gaurav has come together with lyricist Amitabh Varma to promise another successful soundtrack.

K.K. spells quality and it is 100% guaranteed the moment he opens 'Mere Khuda' in a full throated manner. Soft rock has been the genre where K.K. has never failed in and 'Mere Khuda' is no exception. A brilliant track that has some never-heard-before lyrics by Amitabh, 'Mere Khuda' is a number which could well be the 'Tere Bin' moment of Sorry Bhai.

Of course, in the recent past Pritam has come up with a dozen odd numbers belonging to this genre but play on 'Mere Khuda' once and rest assured you would be hooked for hours at stretch. A number like this deserves to be heard in it's remix format and 'Mere Khuda' isn't any exception. Opening with the sound of guitar, it never once goes overboard and comes with just the right sound to be played in pubs and clubs. A chartbuster in the making.

A romantic ballad follows next in the form of 'Pal' which has an urban contemporary feel to it and belongs to the pop genre. Sung in a soft and cool mood by Sunidhi Chauhan and newcomer Chayan Adhikari (who is just 21), 'Pal' is the kind of number that you wish was played in the background as you had a candle light rendezvous with your loved one.

'Pal' may not be the kind of number that you may take to the streets but put it on in a repeat mode with the lights switched off and be rest assured that a feeling of romance would be rekindled. Now this is hardly a number that you want to be re-orchestrated but that exactly happens once it also falls pray to the 'remix version'. It is not bad but one wishes that the album just saw the original version being retained!

Guest composer Vivek Phillip makes a contribution with the title song 'Sorry Bhai' for which he also writes the English lyrics. Strangely, the first thing that comes to mind on hearing 'Sorry Bhai' is the presence of Sanjay Suri in the film. Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi, Jhankaar Beats, Bas Ek Pal - Somehow Sanjay's presence in each of these three films can be associated with the sound that the number 'Sorry Bhai' carries. Another similarity is resemblance to the kind of sound that such soft compositions by Vishal-Shekhar carry. A promotional track which goes with the theme of the film and is sung by K.K., Sunidhi Chauhan and Abhishek Nailwal, 'Sorry Bhai' brings with it a feel good factor that should keep the smiles on.

After 'Mere Khuda', the number which impresses most is 'Jalte Hain'. In the process it also explains how same song could sound so different when sung by two different singers. When the first version comes with Abhishek Nailwal (who was quite impressive in his rendition of 'Yaara Ve' - Naksha two years back), one isn't much impressed. From his full throated rendition of 'Yaara Ve', Abhishek moves on to touch some softer notes in 'Jalte Hain', though without coming up with the desired results. Later in the album, his voice is also heard in the song's 'remix version'.

However, the moment K.K. comes on the scene with his own version of 'Jalte Hain', the song takes on a different meaning altogether. Elevated to a different level by the singer who never fails to impress, 'Jalte Hain' has some poetic lyrics by Amitabh that make it extra special. Watch out for this love song in the film's narrative; it is certainly going to make a lasting impression.

Finally arrives the English track 'Some Times' which is rendered by prominent Jazz singer Nanette Natal. A kind of number which brings with it just the kind of sound that plays on in background as you have a quite-n-nice dinner with your beloved in an up-market hotel, 'Some Times' has an extremely classy feel to it and should manage to find an audience for itself in the long run, just like Rock On did once the film hit theaters.

After hearing the songs of Sorry Bhai, what can be said for sure is that filmmaker Onir knows a thing or two about music. Case in point being My Brother Nikhil ('Le Chale') followed by Bas Ek Pal ('Tere Bin'). Now he manages to create a hat trick of soulful numbers with each and every track working for Sorry Bhai, and 'Mere Khuda' followed by 'Jalte Hain' standing tall. Go for it!

Sorry Bhai! 3.0 Joginder Tuteja 20081118

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