5 Excellent

People don't believe those who r saying the movie is awful and are blaming Taran but you think even Taran said that it is not a hard-critics movie and he also said that its a leave yours brains at home comedy. I liked the movie very much and I feel pity on those people who think every film is going to have a hard critics, these kind of people don't have sense to judge a film as this film is only for entertainment and thats why families are loving this. This is what this film is meant for and it gives message to the people and people who think that this film is not good then they don't want these kind of light movies. These kind of people love movies like Partner which according to me had absolute no storyline it was worst than Tashan but I saw that movie while keeping in mind that it is an entertainer not an hard critics movie. So it depends on the point of view thats why they have said on the first three lines of the review that this is for the people who wants entertainment only. So thats why I think people are pathetic who watch the movie from other point of view. So come on people its just a family entertainer don't drag this movie by saying there is no storyline there is but you need to watch this from the entertainer point of view even Om Shanti Om didn't lived up to the hype but still it became a blockbuster only bcoz it was a entertaining.