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Bombay-based widower, Kapoor, who is the Manager of The Big Circus, and the father of a daughter, Rita (Ragini), who is a trapeze artiste, is told by the owner, Jagdish (Madan Puri), to try and capture a 30 foot gorilla from the jungles of Singapore in order to increase revenue. The trio, along with Professor Sharma, set off by boat and reach there without much incident. Once there, Rita is rescued by a jungle guide, Ajit (Ajit), and they request him to accompany them to capture the gorilla. Ajit reluctantly agrees and goes along with them. Little do they know that their expedition will result in their being held captive by Dr. Digvijay (K.N. Singh) - who now calls himself Dr. Cyclops - who has an evil agenda of his own.

Author: rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)