3 Good


Vikram Bhatt's Shaapit is scarier than his previous films Raaz and 1920. The film starred new comers like Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agrawal. Some of the scenes in the film are freaking scary and breath taking. Along with horrors there is also an essence of romance, love, sacrifice and emotions. This is a very interesting story about a boy named Aman [Aditya Narayan] who loves Kaaya [Shweta Agrawal], a girl whose family is cursed that their daughters will never be able to marry. This curse affects the lovers Aman and Kavya after they get engaged. And the couple meets with an accident and come across weird and unbelievable situations.

Aman has an urge to fight for his love and save her, meets a man named Pashupathi [Rahul Dev]. Pashupathi knows all about the world of spirits and is the only one who gives a hope to Aman. He teaches him the way to get rid of the spirit and also makes him aware of the dangers in this journey. Some of the scenes were extremely scary like when Shweta finds an old man on the road at late night, the conversation with Maharaja's soul and more. Background sound effects of the film were mindblowing and take the full credit of making it scarier. Aditya Narayan was outstanding, his performance was beyond expectation. Aditya maintained his role very naturally throughout the film. And even Shweta Agarwal performed well in the first half but was not that satisfactory in the second part of it. Last but not the least Rahul Dev and Shubh Joshi also showed great efforts. If you are a horror flick lover then you must not miss this one.