3 Good


SHAANDAAR - Its a difficult task to meet the expectations when your last movie was a great movie.. And most of the director faulter in this task. And Vikas Bahl is no exception. Shaandar is nowhere close to QUEEN. It can be said as "Average movie at its Best". Its a destination wedding movie with our Hero and Heroin suffering from Insomnia. But let me tell you , there is nothing special with the concept of destination wedding. Its just normal wedding movie with gorgeous locations , and that exactly not help the movie to be good. And that INSOMNIA thing hasn't been explored much in the movie.. Infect Alia gets her first Sleep in very 1st Hr of the movie. Movie starts with the Cinderella story , in which the adopted child (That is Alia) is not treated great in her home. But she is not an ABLA NAARI , she is tough. Then eject the wedding situation , with some concept about Girls who doesn't have Zero figure are not accepted by good looking boys (a concept which has been exceptionally handled in Dumb LAGAA KE HAISA) . That's the whole background of the film. Within this background the Romance between Alia and Shahid comes to the scenes. There is nothing more to say about the plot , because its not unique and not very well written. Its actually a shock that the script was so stereotype in a movie produced by Phantom Production. Much of the interesting things are situational comedies. Although they are very good but not enough to make it a good comedy film. Songs were injected as different ceremonies in wedding and they didn't carry the movie forward . Although the Title Track and Gulabo has been choreographed really well and of coarse Shahid can dance with charm. Talking about Shahid , he had a very good chemistry with both Alia and Pankaj Kapoor. Perfect comic timing , perfect charm , perfect dance moves and perfect look what Shahid gives in this movie. Same goes for Alia , in her Hippy looks she looks pretty , different , and act good. Pankaj Kapoor never faults in his work , and he needs to do more movies with Shahid as they were great together. Acting and Comedies are the thing which carries the movie and make it above average. There are many scenes could be cut down. The animated sequence were not very exception , and many dreamy scenes has been shown for uniqueness , sometimes they worked sometimes not. Like i said SHAANDAR is an average movie at its best. Can watch it for its happy moments (there are no sad moments in the film) as Dushahara is the occasion , everyone will like a happy movie. But don't expect another Queen