1 Poor


There is nothing in the name of story. Idea to make love story of insomniacs, with some quirky characters sounds bright but outcome is very dull. Screenplay is in bits and pieces. Dialogues by Anwita Dutt is only good thing of this film. It make you laugh. Characterization is very bad. One person can't speak 'Insomniac' word properly but speaks fluent English after few scenes in Police Station. Person is afraid of dark and night but decides to go out in night for bike ride because makers have thought an interesting scene ahead. Yes of course, this love scene near water fall is good one. Very convenient plots like marriage for the sake of business. Adopted girl, over the top grand mother, who rules the family but do not mind to flirt with a wedding organizer of her grand son age. Literally, makers have preferred budget over brain. They go for bikini scene, which even they show repeatedly in end credit. How can I believe that director of Queen can think that a bikini scene can sail his movie!? Ridiculous. Unnecessary expensive animations. Caterpillar crawling on collar, butterfly flying on dress and lots of. Even for voice over they don't mind animations but what about creativity!? They have conceived cheesy scenes like 'Menhdi with Karan' because they could have afforded him. I was so irritated when they show the burning wheel chair cum sofa in end. What the F... was that? First half is slow, second half is very slow with a weird uninteresting climax. Performance wise Shahid Kapoor is balanced and acts good. Alia Bhatt is very good. She is too good in portraying care free girl. Pankaj Kapoor is good. Jalal Hunni as groom is OK. Choreography of all songs is grand. Songs look larger than life. Music by Amit Trivedi is fresh and foot tapping.