3 Good

Another Prakash jha direction which can bind you for 2.5 hours. But i dont know why Prakash is not ready to work with a new set of people. It seemed as if we are watching sequel of Aarakshan, Amitabh bachan is again an ex principal. Manoj vajpai in almost same kind of character. Babu rao is again playing a corrupt leader.
Still you get a good drama to watch with politics war among Ajay Devgan and Manoj vajpai. Kareena also acted well with Arjaun Rampal performing superb.
The story will remind some instances of Anna act as well with a new dialogue "Janta Rocks". The style Anna laid down fasting has been copied in the movie.
At some point you may feel bad but still will not be able to ignore it.
Overall , one time watch with 3/5.