5 Excellent

Satte pe satte is a copy of Seven brides for seven brothers apparently, but who cares. I have not seen the Hollywood version so I cant comment on which is better. Almost 55% of Bollywood films are borrowed from Hollywood so its no surprise. This is an amazing movie that is so funny and entertaining with added thrills. Amitabh Bachchan is the superstar of Cinema and acts superbly in this movie. Hema Malini is quite fun in this movie and acts well as usual. The remaining six brothers acted alright, the only one I know is Shakti Kapoor who is popular. Amjad Khan is the villain in this movie and as usual the veteran does a good job. The movie has some lovely music baring Mausam Mastana, Dukki pe Dukki and Pyar hume being the best. This is a movie that should appeal to all audiences because its entertaining.