3 Good

The plot begins from Mumbai where Aakash, an ambitious boy is working in an office. Due to the ailing health of his grandfather and a property deal of their old photo studio, he returns to his home in Shimla. The movie shifts into a flashback where we could see the cute relationship he shared with his grandfather and his 'first love' Shruti. Being on the verge of getting fired his only hope for an important contract gets him to Canada in a Yoga camp. Here enters (ex Mrs. Pebblo) Akanksha, an unsuccessful girl in finding true love. Aakash tries to woo her for getting the contract and even she starts developing some genuine feelings for him but destiny strikes here when Shruti meets Aakash in the camp. So will Shruti be able to forgive Aakash? Will Aakash listen to his heart? Will Akanksha turn a hurdle between this couple or will she play an integral part to reunite them? These questions will lead to answers after watching 'Sanam Re.'